by Karan Brar

Tech Update of 23 September 2021

Tech Update

Here are the top seven things you must know about Tech with SEOWIN on September 23, 2021. Let's begin...


Microsoft announced seven new devices in an event, including a laptop.


Twitter is working to fix the problem of tweets disappearing while you're reading them.

iOS 15

Apple has introduced a new set of APIs for subscriptions and in-app purchases.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft has released the Surface Duo 2, which is a foldable device with many improvements.

Fortnite Banned from App Store

Apple has imposed a ban on Fortnite, keeping the game off their App Store until legal battles with Epic Games concludes.

Mozilla Warning

Google Chrome 94 lets sites know when you are actively using the site or not, and this feature has been criticized by Mozilla as a possible invasion of privacy.

Galaxy S22 Ultra to bring a built-in S Pen

Samsung is planning to release a Galaxy S22 phone that will have an integrated stylus.

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