10 Consultation Ideas for SEO Companies

By: Karan Maur

Review the client's website and identify areas that could be improved from an SEO perspective.

Conduct keyword research to identify the best keywords to target for the client's website.

Review the client's website content and make recommendations for improving it from an SEO perspective.

Conduct a competitor analysis to identify areas where the client's website can improve in comparison to their competitors.

Make recommendations for improving the client's website structure to better support an effective SEO campaign.

Develop a custom SEO strategy for the client based on their specific needs and goals.

Provide ongoing consultation and support to the client as they implement their SEO strategy.

Monitor the client's SEO progress and make adjustments to their strategy as needed.

Provide regular reports to the client detailing their SEO progress and results.

Stay up-to-date on the latest SEO trends and changes to ensure that the client's campaign is always on the cutting edge.